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                                                                                               DART WARS 2U, LLC RELEASE OF LIABILITY

I agree to participate or have my child participate in Nerf wars or Gel Blaster Wars organized by Dart Wars 2U, LLC. I understand that the game of Nerf wars or Gel Blaster Wars will be a game where soft darts or Gellets are shot from unmodified toy Nerf or Gel blaster guns and individuals can be injured if precautions are not taken, and rules are not followed. Although injury can occur, the three greatest injury potentials associated with this activity are eye injuries, slipping and falling, or running into another participant. I Certify that I the participant(s) will be provided eye protection based on Dart Wars 2U, LLC operations and specifically instructed that at no time is the eye protection to be removed while in gameplay. I agree that 
employees/volunteers/Helpers/contractors of Dart Wars 2U, LLC will go over all rules and may have posted signs of the game rules on-site and I understand and will follow said guidelines of Dart Wars 2U, LLC. There are sometimes signs posted on the field specifically directing that All participants MUST always have eye protection on and that all participants must adhere to the written rules posted on the field. All activity will always have at least one referee employed by/volunteer of/Helper of/contractor of Dart Wars 2U, LLC on the field at all times. I adhere to following all rules called by the referee. 
I, the undersigned participant, or parent/legal guardian of a minor if the participant is under the age of 18, acknowledge and fully understand that I or the minor participant will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury. I understand that I am playing in these Nerf wars or Gel Blaster Wars games under the organization of Dart Wars 2U, LLC at my own risk, and Dart Wars 2U, LLC is not responsible for any hurt or harm to my person or minor I am responsible for during gameplay. I hereby agree to always follow all oral and written instructions and rules. In the case of minor participants, I will ensure that any minor children accompanying me- always follow all oral instructions and written rules.  If I am giving consent to my minor and I am not there, I will make sure my minor child is instructed to always follow all oral instructions and written rules. Regarding any injury occurring during Nerf wars or Gel Blaster Wars. I hereby release and discharge Dart Wars 2U, LLC from any and all legal liability.  This release includes Dart Wars 2U, its Directors, Officers, Managers, Employees, Agents, representatives, volunteers, helpers, contractors, and the owners/lessors or owner of premises used to conduct the event from any claims by a non-signing parent and/or Parent/legal guardian. I also agree to all of the above terms if I was given permission by a Parent or guardian to sign this agreement on behalf of parent or guardian and parent or guardian not present also agrees to all terms of this agreement. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Dart Wars 2U, LLC from all legal liability, claims, damages, or injury which may result from activities on the premises of any venue, including the actions of other participants. I have read this release of liability document and agree to its terms and conditions.  Finally, I also understand that by participating in Nerf wars or Gel Blaster Wars hosted by DART WARS 2U, LLC I willand/or my minor will be photographed or videoed for advertising purposes. I understand that by signing this waiver I am giving my permission for me and/or my minor child to be photographed or videoed. I understand that I will not receive any type of compensation from advertisements and posting of these photos or videos of any kind.  

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