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Q. How large should my space be for war games?

 A. At least 50x50 or 50x70 space.

Q. Can we order an Ultimate package with the Gel Blaster?

A. We will offer it on an as-request basis. Gel blasters are a new product for us so this package will be added at a later date. 

Q. Can we start earlier or later than the slot available?

A. Sometimes we can start earlier if your location is near our previous event. for Example; Our 2 pm event is in Brookhaven and your event is also in Brookhaven and is only 15 mins away. We could possibly start your event an hour earlier than our 6 pm time slot.   We can also offer an option for you to come to a nearby public park if we’re already going to be set up there if it’s convenient for you and you already had planned on searching for a park for your event.  We try to be as flexible as possible without causing issues for our other clients.


Q. Can you setup on a hilly space?

 A. We prefer to set up on flat fields, as our equipment is all flat on the bottom.

Q. What time will you arrive for setup?

A. We will arrive 30 mins before your scheduled time.

Q. What is the difference between crew A and crew B when booking my date?

A. We currently run two crews, Both crews are held to the same standard of service. Having two crews also allows us to open up more availability for booking. 


 Q. What Pizza company do you use for your ultimate package?

  A. We use either Papa John's, Domino’s, or Marcos whichever is convenient.


Q. Do we get to keep any equipment?

 A. No, we are a full-service rental company.


 Q. Should we take a break for pizza, or should we wait until the end?

  A. This is solely up to you however, if you select to take a break halfway through it will cut into your 2-hour window.


Q. We filled out a waiver for another event, do we need to do it again?

 A. Yes, since we are mobile and moving about at different locations, you will need to submit a new waiver. The waiver also protects the owner of any property where our events are held.


Q. How far do you travel?

 A. Our Service area is Atlanta and Atlanta Metro. We can sometimes accommodate events a little further out if we are not booked solid. Our service area is 50 miles so after 50 miles there is a $2.50 (subject to change) charge per mile.


Q. What’s a good age to have a Nerf war or Gel War?

A. We start at age 5 for Nerf Wars and recommend 10 & Up for our Gel Blaster Wars. We will however ask parents to participate with the much younger groups, as 5-year-olds with no experience tend to have a harder time with the blasters.


Q. We want to book a large group event can we rotate players in and out to save on cost?

A. Unfortunately No, we operate much like any event space example; a trampoline park, etc., our packages are based on total headcount. So even if you want to rotate players in and out you will pay for each player. We can accommodate as many as 200 players at a time. For larger events with over 40 players, you will need to call or request a quote.

Q. Do you all offer Gift Cards?

A. Yes, this is new for 2023. Click the Gift Card box at the top of the page to view gift card options. 

Q. Will you donate your services to fundraisers 

A. Unfortunately, We are unable to donate our services at this time. We do look forward to the future when we will be able to donate to 501c3 organizations. If you are interested in purchasing a gift card for a fundraiser, please click the gift card box at the top of the page. 

Q. We would like to have a party but we are a great distance away, and a couple hours away from your zip code. Will you service our area?

A. We could still possibly service your event. Please do not book online until you speak with a rep. If we are able to book you we will have to close a time window in an effort to accommodate your location. if we have to do this there is an additional travel fee to accommodate such distance. A quote will be provided upon request.

Q. We Booked a 24-headcount package, but we will not have 24 players can I downgrade my package?

 A. We do not allow downgrades but will allow you to upgrade your package if needed. We do recommend that if you are not sure that you will have a larger group that you book the 16 headcount and upgrade later if you have more RSVPs.  

Q. Can you recommend a park that you have used in the past that may have indoor spaces or a large outdoor space?

A. Here is a list of parks that we have done in Atlanta and in the Metro areas. This link will take you to a list on google maps. Some locations have contact names listed that will point you in the direction of whom to contact if we have the information.

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